Coach hire in Tamworth and surrounding area

Hiring a coach for a school trip? All the information you need is right here

Hiring a coach for a school trip? You have arrived at the right place. We appreciate that a school outing can be extremely difficult to organise. That's why we have put together a few tips to help you. 

Risk Assesment

Ok so you have planned everything to perfection, what can possibly go wrong? Please take a few moments to look through our risk assessment on school coach travel. Don't worry not everything in this document will be applicable to your trip - but it does cover everything concerned with coach hire just in case. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any further help. Our risk assessment can be found here in PDF format. You can download this and keep with your other documents if you desire. 

Useful Advice

We often get asked questions about coach hire and to help we have put together the following advice which will help you plan your trip.

Cost - Our coaches work out cheapest when used between 08:45 and 15:00 on a school day. This allows the coaches to operate school contracts around your hire and spreading the cost of the vehicle for the day amongst several customers. If you can then plan your day between these times to obtain the best quote. It doesn't matter if you do need to travel outside of these times - we can still offer a competitive quote. 

Travelling time - So you know where you are going? A quick look on Google Maps gives you the distance and the approximate time. Please be aware that this type of mapping always shows the shortest route, not allowing for peak travel times or congestion. It also may not be the most suitable route for a coach to take. We have to consider weight, height and width restrictions, which could mean a different route is taken. It also takes around 5 minutes to load and unload at each end of the journey which should be factored in if needed. We need to make sure you are all safely strapped in before departing. Teachers should always distribute themselves around the vehicle to ensure the safety of passengers during the journey.

Arrival at venue - If you have a booked arrival time please check with us that it's achievable. Often we see visits booked and insufficient time to travel there. This often has a knock on effect throughout the day. 

Whilst at the venue - Most local quotes are based on two trips, drop off and collect. The quote will not include the cost for the coach to stay with you throughout the day. Certain venues insist we remain on site, and when we are aware of this the quote will include this. If you do need the coach to stay with you throughout then please advise us at the time of booking.

Departure from the venue - We always quote on the details provided. We schedule our vehicles throughout the day on several jobs based on the information provided by our customers at the time of booking. On most occasions the coaches will be operating further jobs during the day (that's how we keep our prices low!) so prompt departures are important to both us and the next customers using the coach. Remembering the points above that it can take up to 5 minutes to load and seat everyone, this needs to be done prior to the agreed departure time.


What you will need - We always carry emergency first aid kits on our coaches, suitable for the carrying capacity of the vehicles. In addition to this we do always carry "sick buckets" and associated cleaning equipment. 

Lost property - Always ask the last person off the coach to check for lost property. If however something is left in error please contact us at the earliest opportunity and we will do our best to locate the item and return it to you. We don't accept any responsibility for property left on board, you are responsible for your belongings.

If you need any further help or advise please don't hesitate to contact us on 01827 316722 - our team will be happy to help you.